Sustainability is an integrated part of our business and is well implied in our activities. It’s a continuous dialogue between different values, all essential for our future and the one of the generations who will come and the communities where our power plants are located.

Health and safety, environment protection and energy saving are the sustainability aspects that we consider of priority, both internal to our company and for our clients and communities.

Our primary responsibility is to foster health and safety to all those who work for us: that’s why we have chosen to promote, through educational activities and communication, a company safety knowledge where all representatives of our company- management, employees and contractor firms – are committed personally in maintaining a safe work environment and moreover to watching out for each other.
That’s why our staff, both employees and contractors, has participated personally, with their evidence, to the “Safety F1rst- Zero is possible” campaign.
Our global and systematic approach, based first of all on the continuous awareness campaign towards careful behaviours, is yielding its benefits: in 2011 we had no incidents for our employees of the power plants, where most of the activities of energy generation in Italy are concentrated. For the next future we have a concrete commitment: to involve more and more our contractor firms in the sharing of our values, through the active participation and attention to all safety subject.

We are committed to reduce to minimizing our impact on the environment and the earths’ climate. We’ve established procedures to prevent and control emissions, water drain and correct waste management, for which we do favour all possibilities of reuse in order to reduce their use at the source. All our power plants have introduced systems of management ISO 14001 and are registered to EMAS. They all pursue therefore a continuous improvement program of their performances, which pass through the involvement and sharing of information with the publication of the Environment Declaration.

We do commit since long time to give concrete answers to the problems related to the protection of the climate and the energy efficiency. The aim is to guarantee a safe supply and a responsible management of the energy resources. Energy saving is for us one of the answers. Through energy check ups and suggestions on how to avoid waste, we do help our clients, both business and residential, in evaluating their consumptions and discover how to spare and respect the environment. Also our commercial offers aim to offer products and services to help out the client in consuming less and better. The education of energy saving since youth age is another answer to the subject of protecting the climate. Through different projects on the territories where E.ON is present, we are committed towards schools to the awareness of the youngest.